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Dear Parents! Greetings from Maruti International School,Swaroopganj.

It is wonderful to know that you are one of the fortunate parents who found Maruti International School; one of the prestigious schools, for your priceless possession – your child. You are extended a warm welcome.

Like many parents, you too look forward to the great day when your toddler will start school. It is true that Maruti International School will bring a big change in your life as well as that of your child’s. Some of the thoughts that cater your mind may perhaps be memories of your own school days. It is time that you prepare your child for school.

It is a good idea to become familiar with the school of your child, before he/she actually steps into it, or becomes its integral part for the next fourteen years. Your child will certainly feel happier to have had some prior experience of the layout of the school, a general feel of the environment, the classrooms, the slides and the swings. Therefore, do not miss out on the opportunity to familiarize your child with his or her future school.

This place should not have any mystery for them. Tell him/her about some interesting things that have happened at the school, or tales you may have heard from the neighbours.

He/she may also be familiar with some children already studying in the same school, who could further make him/her feel comfortable. The expectations, the delights and the concerns of your child, are real and genuine. It is a good idea to talk to your child about what school will probably be like, and give him/her the opportunity to ask you about the matters that may be worrying him/her. Of course, he/she may not have any worries at all. He/she may be just excited and happy.

Training your child in self-help skills such as buttoning up, wearing socks, tying shoe laces, carrying the bag, tiffin, water bottle, using the washroom, etc. will really make him/her confident and independent in school. He/she will be the darling of their teacher too. Nothing like self-reliance. And finally, do remember, a quote from a famous Chinese saying:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… the first step in school!”



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